For the first time ever, India Oxenberg is ready to share her story. A four-part docuseries that exposes one of the most destructive cults of our time. I worked with Elyse Kelly as an Animator on some of animated sections of Seduced. We worked in a complex painterly aesthetic. I also provided additional support as a Storyboard Artist. 

Director Cecilia Peck
Producers Cecilia Peck, Inbal Lessner

Animation Director Elyse Kelly
Animation Producer Holly Stone

Art Director David Navas
Storyboard Artists David Navas, Jason Carpenter
Additional storyboards Hannah McNally, Darren Enterline

2D Animators Flora Caulton, Martha Halliday, Ana Mouyis, Anna Bron, Marta Lemos, Hannah McNally, Tash Dupker, Cynthia Chu, Victoria Blair, Debbie Middleton, Fernando López del Hierro
3D Artists Box Rocket Studios

Title & Graphics Alixe Lobato, Federico Parodi, Elyse Kelly

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